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Creative Services

I love collaborating with creatives on projects that include elements of cross-language communication. If your project could benefit from the expertise of a seasoned professional linguist, bilingual voiceover artist and fellow creative, let's talk!

Here are three creative projects I worked on:

IMG_3866 (3)_edited.jpg

Mastermind Videos for WIRED

These videos were one of the most rewarding creative projects I've ever worked on because they allowed me to explain interpreting to the world in a fun and engaging way. I collaborated with an amazing team of writers and producers from Condé Nast to take these two videos from concept to completion, including research, writing, casting, production and direction. Working with Joe Sabia, the creative mastermind behind Vogue's 73 questions, and the WIRED Autocomplete Interviews, was amazing. There are so many more stories to tell about language. We barely scratched the surface.  

Interpreter Breaks Down How Real-Time Translation Works

2 Interpreters Test Their Interpreting Skills (Speed Challenge)

Conference Creation, Organization and Execution

There's nothing quite like taking an idea from concept to fruition. Over the last decade I have built teams to create, organize and execute multi-day conferences and conferences tracks for hundreds of participants. One of the highlights was Lenguas 2017, pictured here. Where the team brought together some 200 interpreters to Mexico City for continuing professional training in one of the most beautiful conference settings among murals painted by Diego Rivera. Creating a forum where conference interpreters who work with the United Nations interacted as peers with interpreters of Mexico's indigenous languages. Was one of the highlights of my career. 


lenguas 2017 group photo.jpg

Voiceover and Narration

I love using my voice, whether as an interpreter or bilingual (English-Spanish) voice talent. Here are two recent examples of my voiceover work. 

KUDO - Your meetings and events in any language, on any platform

How does RSI work?

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