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Public Speaking

When you book a speaker, you want something special, memorable, and motivating for your audience. 

I work with you to make that happen.

What do you want your audience to experience?

Sucessful presentations are entertaining, informative, inspiring and sometimes...surprising.

When you book a speaker, you want someone who will reflect the vision of your event and make it memorable. 

I have a broad and deep understanding of how multilingual communication affects business, politics, international relations, and everyday life. When I speak to your audience, I do so with passion and energy, authority and humor. I stay on top of the macro technological, social and cultural trends affecting how we communicate. 

After years of speaking within the language industry, in 2019, I began explaining the fascinating world of cross-language communciation to a broader audience. I specialize in helping all types of professionals understand the impact of language on how the world functions and why it matters.


Whether you need a keynote , panel moderation or a workshop, I'll work closely with you to meet your specific needs. Contact me!

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My Speaking Expertise

For general audiences outside of the language professions, here are the topics I speak about:

  • Multilingual Strategy: Language is no longer a consideration exclusively for multinationals and government diplomats. With the massive increase in cross-border migration and trade, the world's cultures and languages are in contact today more than ever. What's the best cross-language strategy for your company or organization? Is translating your website enough? When and how should you provide ways for your customers to speak with you in their preferred language? Can you just use AI translation and be done with it? I can help answer these questions and more. 

  • The History of Cross-language Communication: Communication across languages and cultures has shaped the world we live in subtle ways that have had outsized effects on international relations, business and culture. The political and social consequences of language policy are both fascinating and significant. Through historical facts, anecdotes, statistics, and trends I can open your audience's eyes to the important  and thought-provoking effects of language on who we are as a society and how we interact.  

  • Language and technology: The effects of technology on how we communicate and work have been swift and profound. And they are only beginning. With practical applications built on AI tools like DeepL, ChatGPT and DALL-E now becoming clearer, change is accelerating. The language professions faced AI-driven change years before other creative professions. I can address current trends, future implications and the how-to of adaptation as well as lessons learned from the language industry that can be applied generally. 

Some Events and Institutions  Where I Have Spoken

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