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Language is in everything...

...and that's why it's often misunderstood, overlooked or forgotten.

My name is Barry Slaughter Olsen, and I am on a mission to change the way people think about language. Think of me as your go-to language industry expert.  I've been on the front lines of international communication for more than 30 years. I've helped  everyone from popes to presidents communicate in other languages. I've consulted for movies and media to help them get the language parts right. I've helped design and implement cutting-edge language technology. And I've explained the intricacies of how diplomats conduct business in multiple languages to millions of people around the world.  Check out my full bio to learn more. 

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Media Appearances

Helping people understand the nuances of cross-language communication is something I have been called on to do frequently. Here are a few media appearances where I was asked to do just that. See more of my work by going to the Media section. 

“As the official consultant on the Zoom Language Interpretation feature, Barry was instrumental in assisting with building the feature and worked closely with the Zoom product team."

Oded Gal, Chief Product Officer, Zoom


My expertise resides at the intersection of multilingual communication, international business and diplomacy, and the technologies that are revolutionizing how the world communicates. My services reflect this unique combination of experience. 

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